11 More Popular Fabrics Used in Creating Wedding Dresses in San Diego, CA

Different Types of Textiles for Bridal Gowns

Of all the myriad of considerations that are taken when searching for wedding dresses in San Diego, California, everything start with the choice of the fabric. No matter what time of the year you’ve decided to get married or no matter what theme you have, there’s always a fabric or textile that would surely fit your style and preference.

Wedding DressTo help you choose the right type of wedding gown fabric for your wedding dress, here 15 of the most popular textiles that are commonly used in creating wedding dresses. Choose one that suits your needs and your style.

Brocade. The term comes from a French word that means “ornament,” which refers to the raised designs on Jacquard-woven fabrics commonly used in bridal gowns. This fabric is perfect for winter or fall wedding.

Crepe. This fabric is characterized by light and soft texture with a crinkled surface, which is a result of chemical treatments and hard spun yarn. This is best for a summer wedding or beach ceremony.

Duchess satin. These are lightweight combinations of rayon, polyester, or silk with a satin finish. The best thing about this fabric is it’s lighter and stiffer than the normal satin, which allows shape and nice draping.

Faille. Usually made from silk, cotton, or synthetic fibers, faille fabrics are more structured, can be easily tailored and yet retains the glossiness, and finely ribbed look of satin.

Georgette. This fabric is super lightweight and crepe-like and has a matte or dull look. If you’re planning to have a summer or countryside wedding, georgette wedding gowns are your best bets.

Moire. One of the most popular fabrics for winter and fall weddings because of its almost watery design and weight due to the heavy and crisp silk taffeta combination this fabric is made of.

Shantung. This is one of the more popular fabrics used in creating wedding garments because of its rubbed texture and resemblance to a raw silk.

Batiste. If you’re vying for vintage wedding gowns, batiste fabrics are what you should opt for. It’s soft, transparent, and lightweight plus a mercerized finish that lends a shining and elegant appearance. This textile is also great for summer or eco-friendly wedding themes.

Silk mikado. Planning to have a winter wedding celebration? This is a perfect choice for a wedding dress fabric. Silk mikado is a blend of silks that creates a heavier fabric, which is perfect for a cool weather.

Dupioni. This is the most popular of silk blends used in creating wedding garments. Often mistaken with shantung because of their similar sheen, dupioni is coarser and thicker with raised fibers that makes it rougher than a shantung fabric.

Damask. A great alternative to brocade wedding dresses in San Diego, California for summer, damask fabrics have similar raised designs with brocade but it’s created in a much lighter weight.

These are only some of the most popular fabrics used in creating bridesmaids dresses San Diego. Pick the right fabric that suits your needs and your preference.

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