Budget –Friendly Wedding Catering In Tulsa OK with These Handy Tips

How to Effectively Cut the Cost of Your Wedding Food

Don’t get shocked but you have to know that almost 30% of your wedding budget actually goes to the food and beverages. But don’t fret as there are many ways on how you can cut the cost of your wedding catering in Tulsa, OK. If you are one of the marrying couples who are tight in budget, below are tips that will surely help you to be more practical.


cateringDon’t go for a total DIY catering

This will just stress you out and may result to more expenses. If you hire a professional wedding caterer, you will not only save money but precious time too which is also applicable for hiring wedding photographer. All you have to do is to find a reputable caterer, have a look at its offered dishes and other services, have a tasting schedule, and you can leave the rest to them.

Consider a morning wedding

Getting up early maybe tiresome for you but this will actually save you big. Serving breakfast meal to your guests on your wedding day is a lot easier and more affordable than preparing full course meals for lunch or dinner.

Hire an off-site wedding caterer

This is actually applicable if the venue you hired offers wedding catering in Tulsa, OK that is out of your budget. Make sure that your chosen wedding venue allows off-site caterers in Tulsa OK. If not, you can move on to another wedding venue that can provide you more affordable catering services.

Prepare appetizers yourself

Well, it won’t be a total hassle if you take time to prepare few appetizers that you can add to your wedding food. While your guests are waiting, you can already make their stomach full with snacks you prepare here and there. This is advisable if you go for buffet style catering and you are not sure if the food prepared is enough for everyone.

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