Catering Tricks That Can Liven up Your Wedding in New Orleans, LA

Serving Meals Your Guests Never Heard of

Looking into various wedding catering styles in New Orleans, LA below is a compiled list of interesting trends you can try out at your wedding. Doing so will make your guests remember your wedding fondly, because as we all know its usually the wedding food guests tend to remember most from weddings.

Wedding CateringInstead of moving around the room with appetizer trays, try getting servers or even your chefs to walk around the room making made to order meals for your guests. Many high class restaurants actually have chefs go around a restaurant with a cart preparing freshly made meals (nothing too complicated of course). This is a fun way to spice up your reception. Make sure when you’re hiring a wedding catering service in New Orleans, LA and you plan on doing this, you need to have more chefs to prepare these “mobile meals” if you’re going to have a large guest list.

You can have appetizers paired with drinks (if you’re young and fun go with shots or margaritas). Pairing wine with appetizers is an old style as any but never dies down. Let’s imagine mini lobster sandwiches with a shot of hibiscus margarita, small pastrami sandwiches combined with mini mugs of beer or even caviar on crackers with shots of vodka on the rocks. Ask your caterer to present it in the most beautiful way so that they will look stunning in your photos.

Vegan meals work well in wedding meals as well. It’s a given that you need to have at least two vegetarian meals in a wedding due to the fact you need to attend to the diet of each of your guests, nowadays wedding couples are starting to serve vegan meals and gluten-free meals too. This doesn’t only appear to the vegetarians in the guest list but many guests love to have a good vegetarian meal every now and again, it’s worth considering for your reception.

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