Hiring Astral Catering for Delicious Wedding Food Menu in Houston TX

Wide Selection of Delicious Wedding Food Menu

Astral Catering is one of the caterers in Houston that couples can rely on for their wedding catering. The ingredients used in every dish are guaranteed fresh and top-quality. The caterer understands that the delicacies to serve for any type of event must have the highest level of precision. At the same time, Astral Catering can tailor varying packages of their delightful cuisine for a budget that couples can afford.

Wedding CateringAstral catering delicious wedding food menu in Houston TX is divided into three; Silver, Gold and Platinum.

You have the options to choose different appetizers, soups, salads, vegetables and main entrees for each type of menu for your wedding. Thus, your guests will be served with a variety of dishes especially when you are not aware that they may have particular dietary requirements. For couples who have dietary restrictions, like less sugar, or meatless wedding buffet, you can certainly tell the caterer. It sounds unusual to prepare a buffet without meat, but Astral catering can still find solution to ensure the food that will be served during your wedding would still be delicious.

The dessert, on the other hand, is separate from the Silver, Gold and Platinum menu options. You can add desserts separately, like 10 or 20 of each mini cakes, tartlets, cupcakes or pastries. Another option to serve your guests with a sweet treat from Astral Catering is to inquire about setting up a dessert station. Spoil your guests in different dessert stations, like Viennese Chocolate Fountain, Bananas Foster Station, Candy Bar or Crêpe Bar, for more ideas visit official site.

Aside from dessert stations, you may also offer food bar or other food stations. Astral catering delicious wedding food menu in Houston TX does not end only with the sweet treats. You can hire the caterer if you will need full service catering to ensure your guests are comfortable and enjoying the wedding lunch or dinner. You can include your food catering in the wedding pictures.


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