Important Things to Put in Mind Before Proposing to Her

Important Factors of Proposals

Are you feeling all the pressure now that you are planning to pop the question to her? Proposal is one of the biggest moments that can happen to a couple’s life. Did you know that there are many important things to consider before you pop the question to your long time girlfriend?

All About WeddingThe following are the most important things that you should think of before asking her to a wedding:


Proposal is something that comes on your side, not the bride. Most women are waiting for this moment so it should always be from you. The big question is if you are ready of the road ahead. Being a couple to official husband and wife will be different. Start picturing what will happen in the next two or three years. Will you be a dad? How many kids do you want to have? Things like these will help you picture out your wedding.

Consulting your parents and the bride’s parents

Although you are living in this modern world, it is still very important to practice the tradition of giving respect to your parents and your bride’s. It is always a plus point for you if you let them know your intention for their daughter. By doing so, you are making an impression.

Engagement ring style

If you are about to propose, you need to have an engagement ring. When deciding which ring to give, there are two ways that you can make use. The first one is to discuss the details with your partner. That is if you want to bare your idea of marriage to her. If you want it as a surprise, you can start spying on her jewelry box; you can also ask assistance from her mom or friends.

Engagement ring is an important investment, so you should do your best to please her. If she is more on carat factor, then you can buy a loose diamond in advance. Once you have picked the right stone, have it reset based on her style preferences—metal type, setting type, color, pavements and etc.

Her circle of friends

When you are planning for an engagement proposal, the most helpful group will be her friends. Asking help from her friends in planning the proposal will make things even better. Her friends will give you some tips and advice when it comes to her proposal fantasies. But beware of involving friends who can’t shut their mouths because they will surely blow the surprise away.

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